Quality Assurance

Thanks to our quality assurance policy, we can guarantee the high quality of your products through the whole manufacturing process.

Our team is well qualified and trained in order to fulfill their tasks in compliance with the required guidelines. They also make sure to perform quality inspections through the whole production process, from receipt of the raw material and packaging to finished product. Consequently, we can ensure complete traceability of your products.

Furthermore, we can provide you the information that you need to compile your cosmetic file. For certain tests, we work together with external laboratories and consultants.

Our certifications

We have obtained the following certifications:


GMP for cosmetics, based on ISO 22716


ISO 13485

ISO 13485 Design and development, production, filling and packing as contractor of non-sterile medical devices, in liquid, semi solid and solid form, for the management of skin disorders and oral/nail and vaginal care.


ISO 22716

ISO 22716 Contract manufacturing, filling and packing of cosmetic products for skin, mouth, nail and hair care and intimate hygiene.